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What is SelfChief?

Many employees wants to be entrepreneur. But very few succeed. Very often, it is the fear of not having a steady income or making a huge investment that holds most people back from starting a business. With SelfChief, it is easier than ever to start small but smart, building a business on the side while still having the security of your job. One can even build a fortune with SelfChief.

Own Your Business

Start small but smart and be your own boss.

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Personalized support on every single step to make you successful.

No Risk

Affordable for all. Vision is to have an entrepreneur in every single home in India.

One can even build a fortune with SelfChief

Start Earning

Understand the Idea

In order to increase our income, we have to understand the no.1 idea only rich people know. Now I am gonna to tell you the secret. Here it is-
Our income depends on rate and time. Either we have to increase our rate or time to increase our income.


Brand Yourself

Personal branding is the means by which people remember you.When people take your name what word comes to their mind.
It’s more than a trademark or a stunning logo—it is how you present yourself online and offline to potential client and customers.


Build a Team

If you want to achieve your dreams, you need to have a team. As an employee one can only work around 67,200 hrs in whole life. On the other side, big businessmen are multiplying their time to achieve upto 80,000 hrs of work in just one single day. (refer- Calculation section)


Start Earning

Planning is essential to the success of any project or initiative but execution of the plan is critical to achieve anything of substance. Lack of execution is the number one reason businesses fail to progress, change, evolve and thrive.


Featured Studies


Sonu Sharma
Corporate Trainer

"One of the best industry to build a fortune for a middle class person."

Gaurav Bhatia
Software Engineer

"My last 5 years with this industry outweighed 12 years of corporate experience."

Sanjum Bhatia
Software Engineer

"On April 2015, I entered into this industry along with my job and replaced 20 lakhs job package with this opportunity in 2.4 years."

Pankaj Kohli
Officer in Central Goverment

"I am able to enjoy my early retirement just because of this industry."