Do you know what J.O.B really stands for?

If you’re like most people, you have a job

… but deep down, you would rather be doing something else.

Maybe you feel trapped because of family obligations. Maybe you’re worried about the economy, or you’re playing it safe so you can retire someday.

Or maybe you’re just like so many people who don’t realize they’ve been programmed to get up every day, go to work, collect that paycheck, go home and do it again the next day.

That’s what J.O.B. really stands for: Just Over Broke.

But what if, instead of working for money—and if you’ve read Rich Dad Poor Dad, you know the rich don’t work for money—you were working for meaning, for a mission that makes the world a better place?

I was in Baltimore recently and walked into a high-end men’s store. The sales clerk looked like the kind of gentleman you would expect to see in a store like this—older and attentive (i.e. boring) but still running the place professionally.

As I walked in, a group of young kids came running in behind me. They were with a network marketing company, and they start asking me questions.

Their eyes were bright; they’re happy because they’re going for their dream. They have a thing called a “RAT” pack, which stands for Retired At Twenty. They’re going for it.

Now, the sales clerk doesn’t like these kids. Their hair is pink. They have piercings and they’re wearing strange shoes.

The clerk—who isn’t really that old; he was actually younger than I am—walked up to the kids, shakes his fingers at them and says, “You kids better shape up or you won’t get a job. I’d never hire you.”

All I could think was, holy mackerel, I’d hate to be that guy. I’d much rather be those kids, so full of enthusiasm and dreams, than a stuffy sales clerk.

What about you? Which type of person are you? Are you stuck in a rut, thinking you have to follow the old pattern of how it’s always been done… or are you striking out with a bold vision of what your life can be, what it can mean?

People want work that is challenging, varied and—most importantly—meaningful, making a difference in someone else’s life.

Think about your own career. What are the moments that make you come alive, that made the mundane duties worth it? Odds are, they were times that you conquered obstacles or saw how your work made life better for others.

You could become an investor and entrepreneur and have a lifetime of feeling alive!

Discover your calling and you’ll reach higher and farther.

Listen, life is far too short to waste time at a job that makes you miserable. So figure out what will make you greet each day with purpose…

-Robert Kiyosaki

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