“Money doesn’t grow on trees“

This seems to be a favorite saying of the poor.

I remember as a child asking my poor dad for a toy. “What do you think Robert, that money just grows on trees?”

I didn’t understand what my poor dad meant by that. Technically money is paper, and paper is made from trees. Right?

Where did money really come from? Real money comes from the Universe in the form of gold and silver. These are often called “God’s Money.” What we think of as money today is really “currency” even though we call it money.

As I grew older and studied the topic, I actually discovered exactly where “money” comes from. From 2008 to 2014, the government has printed over FOUR TRILLION DOLLARS!

Now, if you think about it—that seems a bit unfair.

They can have complete control over “money,” yet “we” as a people have zero control over what we make (as an employee), there seems to be a disconnect right from the beginning.

This is what led me to thinking about the difference between my rich dad and my poor dad…

Rich dad worked when he wanted. Did what he wanted. Had no shortage of money. Had complete financial freedom. If you think about it, he basically had control over the amount of money “he” printed for himself, just like the government!

Poor dad, however, was the head of Education for Hawaii and worked for “The Man.” His income, his life, his vacations, his everything was 100% controlled by someone else.

I think it goes without saying, if you want to succeed in life, you need to first have control of your own life.

This is what I’ve spent my entire life trying to teach people.

My rich dad was so successful in his life because he had control over his life.

He had control in his life because he was an investor and entrepreneur.

Control is what makes stock investing so amazing.

You may not have control over the companies the stocks are representing but you have control over something far more important…

… their ability to produce a profit for you no matter what is going on in the world.

That is control.

-Robert Kiyosaki

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