The weird(but real) reason you haven’t started your business yet

When I was in my twenties, I had a business idea that I wanted to pitch to my rich dad.

Before I sat down with my rich dad, however, I pitched the idea to my real dad. He was disgusted with me. He told me entrepreneurs are evil and are what’s wrong with the world. He continued that they are greedy and selfish.

That was not exactly what I wanted to hear. While I did not agree with my poor dad’s opinion, it stayed with me in the back of my thoughts.

I kept practicing and finally got enough nerve to present my idea to rich dad.

It wasn’t pretty…

I stumbled and stuttered. My posture was saggy. And much worse, by the end of the presentation I had actually talked myself out of the idea.

I ended with, “So, I guess it’s a pretty dumb idea, huh?”

Rich dad rose out of his lounging chair, smiled at me and…

… hit me right on the top of my head with a rolled-up magazine!!!

He said, “If you find yourself arguing with a good idea, you may want to stop arguing.”

He then sat me down and explained that we argue because we don’t want to feel disappointed again. We argue because we are protecting ourselves from the pain that dreaming big dreams can bring if that big dream does not become reality.

We’ve all experienced the pain and disappointment that comes with a failed dream. The hard part is to realize when you are arguing against failing again, not against the dream.

He never did tell me what he thought of my idea. He said far more important than any idea I have is the ability to control my thoughts.

I know you have ideas but have you taken action?

-Robert Kiyosaki

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