Understand the Idea

In order to increase our income, we have to understand the no.1 idea only rich people know. Now I am gonna to tell you the secret. Here it is-

Our income depends on rate and time. Either we have to increase our rate or time to increase our income.

Income = Rate x Time

Rate – Depends on our education and skills. We can increase it but upto to a certain extent. After some years, it will become constant.
Time – As an employee/self employee, we usually spent 8 hrs per day. We can add few more hours to it. But again it can’t be more than 24 hours 🙂

Here is a bad news- We can’t really increase our rate indefinitely
But here is the good news – Time can be multiplied indefinitely in order to increase the income.

So, we call the idea as ‘Time Multiplication’.
Every successful person e.g. Richard Branson, Ambanis, Tata, Birla and many more are multiplying their time. They have created a system which works for them.

But again there is a problem-
Multiplying time means hiring people and giving them salaries and it also involves huge risk.
But here is the solution – SelfChief will provide you a risk-free revolutionary idea to multiply your time.

(Bell Curve Photo)
Here is Industry overview-
As per bell curve, we can divide any industry life cycle into 5 major phases. People will be entering on different phases. But the sooner somebody enters, the better it would be to get the maximum benefits out of any industry.
The idea you will be provided lies in second phase of early adopters. So, it’s the best time to enter into this industry.

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